Jay Hartley

Aikido - Gondan / 5th Degree Black Belt

Toyama Ryu - Sandan / 3rd Degree Black Belt

Dr. Jay Hartley started training at Aikido of Livermore in 1992. In addition to assisting with adult classes, Jay leads our children's program. Outside of the martial arts, Jay holds a PhD in Applied Science from UC Davis and is a software architect.

Ujwal Setlur

Aikido - Sandan / 3rd Degree Black Belt

Dr. Ujwal Setlur started training in Aikido in 1995 and became a member of Aikido of Livermore in 1997. Ujwal helps with both adult classes and the children’s program. Ujwal is still trying to perfect his katate-dori tenkan, which in his opinion encompasses all the Aikido principles. Outside of the martial arts, Ujwal is an avid hiker and budding mountaineer, having scaled his first mountain in 2021. Ujwal holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is the CTO at a tech startup.